Here is a picture of one of their lobster tails. Lobeter tails are their specialty and they are sold by weight. If you want to see what a fresh red snapper looks like just click on the picture to the right. They have a boat that stops by every morning to sell them fresh fish caught that day. Our Cozumel Beaches rarely have the fisherman pull right up to the dock and sell fish to the beaches like this. If you take a look at the picture you can see how fresh the snapper is because when they are fresh the eyes are still crystal clear!
Alberto's place is a definite must vacation visit if you want non-commercial, natural, rustic, east side of the island tranquility, and to just get away and experience what Cozumel beaches used to be like many years ago. They even have beautiful white sand that gently slops into the water and not as rocky as many other beaches.
Address 1: Rafael E. Melgar inside Hotel Costa Brava.
Address 2: 18 km south coast road.
Phone: 987 869 1228
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Albertos Beach Bar is also Know "El paso del Cedral" due to the fact that it's found in the cozumel village of the same name. The gigantic cross found at the front was built to honor the festivities of "Santa Cruz" which are celebrated by the habitants of the town.

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