We have a large catalog of designs from all genres, tribal, Maori, color etc. mythology. in addition to making great designs on request. We create original and shaped tattoo designs to specifications from the imagination of our customers. Bring your design or idea and we then create what you are imagining.
Our study was created over 12 years ago with the aim of creating beautiful body art lovers to decorate the body. Our clients, now friends, come looking for original work and quality and leave satisfied due to our professionalism and attention. All our equipment is sterilized under the strictest hygiene standards in mind safety and health of our customers.
Address 1:10 avenue Num. 80 between 1 sur and Adolfo Rosado Salas
Phone:987 105 5044
Website:OffirTattoos Website
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We use the best inks combined with bright colors that our designs make our work real work of art of tattooing. Our other services include piercing, airbrush and body paint that added to the experience in art and design of our studies are the best choice for your most incredible ideas.


Offir Alfaro born in Cozumel, the island of swallows in the Mexican Caribbean.

The great aesthetic content which have all their works, plus his 15 years of experience in tattooing support the work of this great artist of body adornment.

The study of drawing and illustration techniques coupled with participation in several international symposia tattooists are part of the training that was required by to be getting better at this exquisite art. Gentle and humorous Offir is recognized as one of the best tattoo artists of the mayan riviera


Getting a tattoo is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as this will accompany us throughout life. Before make a tattoo, check the design you want to capture in your skin and do it when you're sure. In our study we use high standard of sterilization to minimize health risks of our customers. Autoclave use is the safest way to eliminate the presence of viruses such as hepatitis A, B, C and VIH. New needles, Vaseline, gloves, and the highest quality pigments which are eliminated as soon as the tattoo is finished. All to be sure the decision to be tattooed with us was the correct

Health and cares

Once made the tatto is very important to take some care to ensure it heals properly. This care depends on you. Avoid swimming or excessively wet the tattoo during the first week, you may wash in the shower Do not expose the tattoo to the sun during the first 2 weeks. The tattoo is shining if you avoid the sun because UV rays are harmful. Use sunscreen only when it has healed. Apply cream 3 to 4 times daily for one week Do not let anyone touch the tattoo while healing. Apply Bepanthen cream 3-4 times per day for a week. Take your time and feel free to ask any questions. We want you to have an enjoyable experience that will last a lifetime.