Museum of the Mexican Music

This is an important, unique rich collection of 1009 pieces of traditional musical instruments indigenous and mestizo mexico from its most remote epochs to the present day and some representatives from 37 countries
It also has a large collection of 96 traditional dance masks and implements ethnic mexico, which in turn support to pieces in exibition, a large music library of traditional music in different formats, a specialized library and a film library, library of all indigenous groups from mexico
Adress:50 av. bis # 1217 x 19 y 21. Col. independencia. c.p. 77640
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The Museum

       Usually museums are institutions that have been created by groups of specialists, government institutions, historical societies and even, by some enthusiasts who are holding objects that are invaluable.

In general, people create a museum for good reason and that there is a commitment to the preservation of the cultural heritage of an art, as is the popular music both Indian and / or mestizo mexico, that there is another part of our country so in complete and full of information ethnomusicological