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Equine assisted therapy works in our physical, emotional and also our psyche Improving joint mobility, balance and coordination, changes in muscle tone, increased self-confidence through improved self-image, improved learning, concentration, spatial awareness, an incentive and opportunity to take responsibility and control, motivation to set and achieve goals. Hippo therapy is a medically prescribed procedure conducted by health care professionals, especially in cases of children affected with hypotonia
In England my life revolved around horse, trained by the British Horse Society, I owned and ran a riding school in London, worked as an instructor and therapist. Certified by the Asociacion Mexicana de Equitacion Terapeutcia (AMET Mexican Asociation for Riding for the disabled) and Riding Federation of Riding for the Disabled International (FRDI)
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None profit org. Home to neglected horses and HA therapy for children HELP US HELP THEM donations pay pal rancho.universo@gmail.com

We endeavour to create awareness providing the opportunity to experience life with nature.

Company Overview
It all starts back in October 19th 2001 when I got a call from a friend who reported a horse tied up to a tree with PVC tubing on his legs abandoned to die not uncommon when people no longer want an animal, forcing them to endure a long painful death due to starvation and dehydration. So with the arrival of Chechen as we call him the sanctuary was born, soon after his partner Chaka heavily pregnant and emaciated arrived and then there were three. We rehabilitate them to the natural trusting kind animals they truly are.

Started providing therapy for children in 2004 and in 2006 , we were awarded funds by the Mexican Federal Government to improve the infrastructure for a RIDING FOR THE DISABLED CENTRE

A registered NONE PROFIT ORGANIZATION since May 2008 Horses have been my passion ever since I can remember which lead me to constantly learn about these magnificent beings and the therapeutic benefits they provide.


How can anyone love what they do not know?
We aim to give people the opportunity get close to these magnificent creatures, to learn about all the therapeutic benefits they provide.
To help create awareness and erase misconception

We offer:

  • Natural horsemanship management training
  • Riding for the disabled
  • Hippotherapy
  • Early learning stimulation
  • Riding lessons for children.
  • Camping
  • School visits
  • Trail riding
We are not a horse rental place.

The most precious award is the smile on a child’s face when they can lift their head for the first time, move freely , feel unconditional love, enjoy life

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