We are Safe Map Cozumel.

Safe Map Cozumel provides the tourist experiences to enjoy the best services in Cozumel, and is the best choice for local service providers to increase their business. Today we are members of a Family geographic separated and distant, but we became united in a mission, a dream, and in reality. We are always looking for each other, and insuring that all our members will have the ability to develop and reach the maximum potential possible.

With more then 25 years of experience, in the last 27 years Arturo Díaz, staring in the Mayan Riviera in Cancun for more then 15 years, then in Mexico City, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Curacao, and some other Caribbean Islands, Central America and Europe, to return to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and finally for the last five years settle in the wonderful Island of Cozumel (Considerate for Ives Jacques Cousteau The Best place in earth). With Coral Reefs and others natural Wonders adding to his people and to became a great Tourist Development. With a personal interest for all the members of our family, adding to all the benefits also there is the possibility to practice different alternative therapies like Dolphin therapy and Equine therapy plus a great center call CRIM, to provide the community with special abilities.

This brings us really close to the roots and origins of the intense labor in our family. Specially to one Institution that reach the recognition of CONACYT for the labor with kids in Kindergarten, and Elementary School, integrating all of them into the classroom, receiving governmental support after 25 years of service to the community in Mexico City.

Other member of our family, when he finishes his medical degree, moves to the US and star working helping family members of Burn Patients, and supporting them in many areas of the long and arduous recovery process, physically and mentally. After a few years, he moves to work closely with young adults with disabilities, specially providing them with habilitation and training to achieve independence. Supporting the families has been also one of the primaries goals, a healthiest family will bring a healthiest and happiest environment for the individuals to grow and developed.

There is different institutions and organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. This is the reason we have created MARDI LLC, an organization with the mission to became an instrument to help a group of people with disabilities, besides to receive their normal and necessary services, had the possibility to have new spaces and activities to increase their social skills, self-support, recreation with quality and direct to their needs and desires. A possibility for them to travel and visit new places and cultures, and to be expose to new experiences, and diversity.

We believe is really important for the families to improve the contact and communication between their members, then providing spaces to support individuals with special necessities during the family trip will aloud the families to include all their members, but also will aloud the time and space for the individual who require it. We want families to be families and let our team to do provide the special attention require. We do not want to say they did not enjoy life before, but we hope with our participation they can say then enjoy life a little more.

For now this is only a project, but with this idea we decide to joint efforts, work and dreams. Because we know this is not an easy task, and also we appreciate the effort from different organizations, we have decide to designated 10% of all our reservations to help local organizations who improve the quality of life of their residents. Today MARDI LLC is in Phoenix, AZ and our sister organization Safe Tours Cozumel is on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Cozumel because that, we are planning to choose non-profit from Cozumel and Arizona first, and every period we will select a new organization to support.

Safe Tours Cozumel will start helping us to develop a program in the Island to have the opportunity to bring a group of young adults with disabilities to enjoy of this wonderful paradise. Because we believe in the integration of the families we also want to give this opportunity to family members of this group of young pioneers to join us in this conquest and accomplishment of this dream. We know for previous experience a camp in Arizona with more than 200 volunteers who give the opportunity to a 100 young Burn Survivors to experience a week of great and new adventures. Also we know an organization with more than 250 volunteers who gives the opportunity to people with disabilities to experience a day surfing in the Californian beaches. What these experiences give to their participants is PRICELESS.

It was not rocket science, if we want to consolidated efforts and skills, and specially to achieve goals and dreams, the next step was to improve ourselves, and bring to the table more and brightest opportunities. Because that, we decide to Open our own Virtual Travel Agency, and today we can serve with more than 15 different local land and maritime activities in this Paradisiac Island of Cozumel, and more the 12 in the vicinities, we can serve all budgets, and tastes, including the most exigent of the tourist.

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